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Neutral 4S

CWL Neutral 4S Glass

New concept conservatory glazing for year round comfort.

Keep Cool In Summer

  • Heat Reflection
  • Attractive neutral appearance.
  • Heat reflection *
  • Glare reduction
  • Self Cleaning *

Stay Warm In Winter

  • Unbeatable thermal insulation U Value of 1.0 W/m2k
  • Less heat loss compared to ordinary double glazing
  • Save £’s on heating bills
  • Cold spots and drafts reduced
  • Reduced condensation.

Introducing Neutral 4S

A conservatory should be a natural extension to the home providing usable, extra living space that can be enjoyed whatever the time of year.

Neutral 4S glass has been developed especially for conservatory glazing applications.  Neutral 4S offers excellent solar control properties, reducing glare and enhanced thermal insulation.

Neutral 4S glass provides true year round comfort when used throughout your conservatory.

Where can Neutral 4S glass be used?
Neutral 4S is ideal for conservatory applications and can be used in both the roofs and the vertical glazing.

How effective is Neutral 4S?
Results from a conservatory glazing study how that using Neutral 4S throughout can reduce peak summer temperatures by an astonishing 13c when compared to traditional Low-E glazing.

Overall, the improved temperature stability throughout hot or cold periods has the potential to halve the energy required to maintain a comfortable environment all year round.


Thermal insulation: reduces heat loss more effectively than traditional Low-E products.

Solar protection: reflects up to 57% of solar heat gain through conservatory sidewalls and as much as 71% when used in conjunction with SGG BIOCLEAN COOL-LITE ST in the roof.

Energy efficient: reduced need for heating and cooling protects the environment and saves your money.

Visual comfort: maximising natural light and reducing glare provides an enhanced level of visual comfort.

Neutral appearance: beautiful neutral appearance matches the rest of your glazing.

Information sheet
View further details of Neutral 4S glass in pdf format.

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