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Silence Safety

SGG STADIP SILENCE is laminated safety glass, providing noticeable insulation against noise and helping to create quieter interiors.

SGG STADIP SILENCE combines two sheets of clear glass bonded together with a totally transparent interlayer (PVB).  The interlayer absorbs sound and reduces the level transmitted through the glass helping to keep both unwanted noise out, or to keep noise in.

SGG STADIP SILENCE creates more peaceful interiors by reducing noise pollution from air, train and road traffic, general street noise and noisy neighbours.

It is also effective at keeping sound in where confidentiality of consideration to neighbours is required.

SGG STADIP SILENCE is a safety glass and can be used in safety critical locations.

Manufactured to provide enhanced security, if broken through vandalism, the glass remains adhered to the interlayer, hindering breaking through the glazing.

The interlayer filters up to 99% of UV radiation, therefore the use of SGG STADIP SILENCE in patio doors and conservatories helps slow the fading of furnishings.

The interlayer is transparent and colourless, meaning SGG STADIP SILENCE resembles ordinary glass, with excellent optical qualities.

Where can it be used?
SGG STADIP SILENCE is ideal for any application in the home where is a need to insulate against excessive noise levels but is most effective when used in double glazing.  It is particularly effective against traffic noise when used in windows facing onto busy roads.  It is also ideal for conservatory roofs, roof lights and glazed roofs by reducing noise from rain and hail.

Information sheet
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